[YouTube] Twitch VoD: DDLC Yuri’s Route

So in 2017, a little game called Doki Doki Literature Club appeared on it’s own website and slowly started making it rounds through the internet. I didn’t know about the game until a friend of mine told me that the game was going to go live on Steam at midnight and that I should try it out. So I waited until launch and downloaded it right away.

Once the game’s premise was uncovered, it started spreading like wildfire, even getting it’s own Game Theory videos. People were obsessed with the lore of the game, even myself.

I decided to livestream my first play through of the game after the part where Sayori kills herself. This video is a livestream VoD from Twitch where I went down Yuri’s route. At the time of making this post, it gained over 67,000 views.

Check out the VoD below and I hope you enjoy my video!

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