It’s Been Awhile

First, I want to give an apology. I kept promising on Twitter that I was going to make a new post but I kept forgetting to or was too busy with real life things. So months after my last non-Youtube related post, here I am! 

This post is going to be pretty short but I do want to give you all an update on what I’ve been up to as well as what to expect in the future for this blog site.

First, I’ve been going through a lot of changes. Right after posting “Games I’m Interested in Thanks to E3,” I traveled out to California. My brother was graduating high school and I wanted to surprise him by showing up to his graduation. After the graduation ceremony, my family and I took a mini-road trip to Las Vegas for the weekend. The trip was really nice as I got to see my family again. Last time I had seen them was back in November and it was for a really short amount of time. I had created a short video of my trip that can be seen here:

Nothing too crazy but I just wanted to try something new with a mini travel video.

After my trip out there, Ray and I closed on a condo. We basically signed our life away on our first home. This was mostly the reason why I announced my hiatus. I knew we were going to be busy with moving our stuff, buying furniture, and unpacking everything. What I didn’t realize was how long it was going to take us to move.

We realized that the AC unit in our condo wasn’t working despite the old owners saying they were going to fix it before signing. They did get us a home warranty so it was decided that we’d work through them. Big mistake. It literally took us a month and a half after closing on the place to get a working AC unit. Most of the issue was because of how incompetent the warranty company. End of the story, we got the AC working and we moved in.

It still took us awhile to get settled. Had lots of boxes to unpack, had to make a few trips to IKEA for bookshelves (mostly for our weeb crap), and just overall getting used to the place. I take a new train line with a new station in Chicago so I had to get used to my new commute. I also got a promotion so I would be coming home more tired every day. I just wanted to go come home, eat, shower, maybe relax, and sleep.

But I think we are now mostly settled! Only thing we’re missing is a dining table. For weeks, the dining room was used for boxes. We also need to fix up the laundry room but it’s all still usable. Our nerd room looks amazing! I still need to make a room tour of that, but I posted some pictures on Twitter.

Moving forward, I do want to give a preview on some posts I’m working on for this blog in no particular order.

  • My thoughts on Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  • Why I’m loving Dr. Stone
  • What seasonal anime I’m watching

In between each post, I’ll also share some YouTube videos.

Again, apologies for the hiatus that lasted longer than I thought. Thanks to those who stuck around! I really appreciate everyone who stops by my site. But that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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