Why I Love Dr. Stone

I’ve been wanting to write about Dr. Stone while I was on hiatus so badly. It has truly been one of my favorite shows this year. At first, I wasn’t sure how it would be. I don’t really watch or know a lot of anime that revolves around science. Now that we’re in the second cour, I got to say they really handled it well. In this post, I want to share why Dr. Stone has been one of my favorite show this year.


There are tons of anime with smart main characters. Take all the main characters from Death Note, Code Geass, and No Game No Life. All these character’s ability to analyze any situation is unmatched within their world. The main character in Dr. Stone, Senku, is different. His forte is in science and he uses his passion for science to help humanity. Again, I don’t really know a lot of shows where science is the biggest aspect to a show, other than cooking anime like Food Wars. From physics to chemistry, biology and geology, Senku knows all studies of science. Seeing science being heavily used is a breath of fresh air to me and I’m no science nerd.

Aside from his smarts, Senku has such a confident personality. Because of his vast knowledge and power of deduction, Senku’s confidence gives lots viewers lots of hope despite the situation the world is in. If there’s anyone I would be stuck in an apocalypse with, it would one billion percent be Senku!


The whole concept of Dr. Stone is amazing. Take a kid with almost infinite knowledge in science and put him in the stone age. Can he overcome the primitive lifestyle of the world and save everyone who was petrified? That is such a feet he’s going to have to overcome and I’m excited to see how he does it, because we know he’ll have to eventually….right?

There are a lot of science mumbo jumbo in this show, especially when he was explaining how to make medicine. During those scenes, I’ll be honest, I actually zoned out to Senku using big unpronounceable words. I’m just glad that part was over with because I honestly couldn’t keep up with what he was saying! So far, the way they are handling the explanation of how to make the cellphone is easier but it’s still at the early stages so who knows.

The overall mystery of the show is keeps me going and I really love as more things become unraveled. Finding out the origins of Ishigami Village was one of the first mysteries we got to see and I cannot wait to see more out there.


Seeing as this is a shonen, I can tell that there will be lots of antagonist to come. Tsukasa and the Empire of Might is the first main antagonist. He has a very interesting demeanor about him. His goal is to save young people but not older people because he believes young people’s minds aren’t as corrupt as adults. Meanwhile Senku wants to save everyone. Despite Tsukasa being mostly brawns, he’s not stupid and can figure out Senku’s plans. This makes Tsukasa a very formidable opponent.

And then there’s the person, alien, higher being or god knows what that turned everyone into stone. Why would they want to cease humanity? Do they have something against humans? Or are they even villains to begin with? No one really died and their bodies recovered from physical ailment after being incased. Too much unknowns with this.

Dr. Stone is such a unique show. I haven’t seen a shonen that really focuses on science. The show is visually really good. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the character designs of the females. You can land a plane between Kohaku’s eyes, as someone on Twitter posted. Who knows, maybe that is the result of many years of inbreeding. Other than that, you kind of get used to the design.

Tell me what you think of the Dr. Stone. Do you enjoy it or did you drop it? Feel free to share in the comments. But that is it for me. I will see you all next time!

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