My Thoughts on Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)

Welcome back to WeebMETA! So I finished the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign and spent so many hours playing multiplayer. For this post, I want to share my thoughts on Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I’ll only discuss the campaign and multiplayer. I know that there’s a co-op mode as well, but I don’t play that so I won’t be mentioning that. I will be spoiling the campaign so if you have been warned!


So first I want to discuss the campaign. I have always loved the campaign for Call of Duty. I was actually pretty disappointed when Black Ops 4 didn’t have a campaign. For the most part, the campaign mechanics are pretty similar to past campaigns: get from point A to point B and kill the bad guys in between, defend an area while waiting for an evac vehicle and plot twists. There’s definitely some aspects of the campaign that I want to point out.

First is the realism and stealth modes in the game. There were some missions in the game where this was prevalent such as the Going Dark, Clean House and even Hometown. These elements added so much to the gameplay that we saw in a mission or two in past Call of Duty. It’s almost like they took All Ghillied Up and put elements of that into lots of missions in Modern Warfare. The realism in Clean House was really well done. It gave players a split second to make a decision on whether to kill someone in the house. 

Another element I really liked was the choices you had to make. Now I’ve only played the campaign once so I don’t know if the different choices make a difference to the game. But having those choices really take the game to a whole new level. A great example of this was in the mission called Old Comrades where you capture one of The Butcher and use his family to threaten information out of him. Despite this being a video game, I actually felt really uncomfortable while playing this mission. I didn’t like having the power to kill this guy’s family even though he was a bad guy who had killed a child in a previous mission. Below is a VoD from my livestream where I was playing this scene and you can hear how uncomfortable I was. Regardless, this feeling just added so much depth to the game more than No Russian from Modern Warfare 2 could ever do.

The last part I want to mention is the story elements. Now the plot twist where Hadir was the one who stole the chemicals was a twist I wasn’t surprised to see. But there was one mission that really hit me story-wise which is Hometown, the mission where you take control of young Farah and what happened to her and her family when the Russians took control of the city she lived in. I actually almost cried while playing that mission, from seeing her get pulled from the rubble, to her dad dying from a fight, and seeing children dead on the streets while Farah and Hadir tried to escape the city. What’s even worse was that as a child, you had to pull the trigger of a gun and kill a couple of soldiers. Also, the cut scenes are just so well done and realistic looking. Lastly, I love all the call backs to characters to the old Modern Warfare games.


Oh boy oh boy the multiplayer. Call of Duty multiplayer always gets lots of flack and for good reason. Multiplayer has always had issues and I don’t think there’s anything developers can do to make the multiplayer mode perfect. One positive thing I love about the game is that it’s mostly gunplay. There’s no running against the walls or jetpacks or grappling hooks. It forces the players to only focus on gun fights. This was something the multiplayer had been lacking for many years. The other aspects I love about the multiplayer is the missions. Missions basically gives you challenges to do in the game like getting 50 kills with a certain gun with certain attachments and so on. It provides variety to multiplayer. As a reward, you get calling cards, icons and blueprints for guns. 

However, there are definitely some negatives about the multiplayer. The biggest negative for me is the maps. Hackney Yard, Gun Runner and Ahzir Cave are my favorite maps for basic multiplayer mode. This of course doesn’t include 20v20 or ground war or other modes. I don’t feel like there’s enough maps for basic multiplayer and of the ones that do exist, there’s not a lot of good ones. I always dodge Piccadilly. Everytime I see it, I back out of the lobby if I can. Shoot House, which is the newest map to come out (Not counting Crash because it’s just an old map), is just awful as well. Better than Piccadilly but not any better. I hope that more maps come out, for free, and that they  make them better…and delete Piccadilly.

Well that’s pretty much it. Overall, I love the game. Campaign is amazing and multiplayer is better than the last few Call of Duty. I do still play the game and sometimes I stream it so please be sure to follow my stream so you can be notified when I go live. But that is it for me. I will see you all next time!

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