2019 Anime of the Year

Before 2019 ends, I wanted to give share my favorite anime series of the year and why. I wanted to break down my favorite into two categories: ongoing and new series. 

Favorite Ongoing Series

So the first category is my favorite ongoing series. These are the boundaries I gave myself for this category:

  1. The show has to be on season 2 or more
  2. Previous season has be from 2018 or prior
  3. It cannot be a spinoff
  4. The season must have started in 2019

So my favorite ongoing series of 2019 is…Food Wars Fourth Plate! Food Wars has always been one of my top series in general so seeing another season of it is a win for me. The fourth season cut right to chase with the shokugeki against Central. There were no buffers in between and I really liked that. I did have My Hero Academia as the runner up but it didn’t pull me in as much as Food Wars. 

Favorite Anime of 2019

So now I want to share my favorite anime of 2019. Like last time, I want to give myself some boundaries when it came to choosing:

  1. It cannot be an ongoing series
  2. It cannot be a movie
  3. It cannot be an OVA
  4. The season or series has to start in 2019
  5. The season or series has to finish before the end of 2019
  6. It can be a reboot 

And my favorite anime of 2019 goes to…Vinland Saga! Now I know this may come as a shock to some of you, especially my regular readers. You probably thought my favorite show as Dr. Stone or Demon Slayer because I wrote blog posts about them. I’m not going to lie. I was considering those two for a bit but after really sitting down and thinking about it, I chose Vinland Saga and here’s why. Warning! There will be spoilers!!

First and most important to me is the character development. There’s actually quite a bit of development going on with many characters in this show. Of course we have the development of Thorfinn who goes from an innocent kid to a teen with a vendetta against Askaladd. Askaladd also went through development especially when we find out more about his past. Surprisingly my favorite character development is Prince Canute. After the death of the man who took care of him, Canute totally did a 180 with this personality and purpose to rule.

Second is that I really love the animation for the show. It has a really solid animation from the fight scenes to even the more static scenes. Directing for the scenes are also very well done as well. The fight scenes were really smooth and it didn’t feel like they cheaped out on it. Most fight scenes where lots of action is happening, studios tend to take shortcuts but I didn’t think they did as well. 

Lastly the overall story is just really engaging. At first, I didn’t think I was going to like it because I’m not really into historical shows. However, the story and the writing is just so good that I keep coming back every week. I always want to know what will happen in the next battle or the outcome and everything.

Now, I won’t say that Dr. Stone and Demon Slayer wasn’t able to achieve this. I definitely love both series as well but I think Vinland Saga took it to the next level just slightly above the rest. So that’s basically it. Vinland Saga is my anime of 219!

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