Re:Creators is Highly Underrated

If you haven’t heard of or watched Re:Creators, I don’t blame you. But it’s honestly such a shame. Re:Creators is probably one of the best anime series in recent times but not a lot of people talk about it. There are definitely a lot of factors that contributed to this and that is what I want to discuss in this blog post!

For those who have never heard of the show, Re:Creators follows Sota, a high school student, who encounters characters from anime, video games and comics that was transported into his world. In addition to these characters, a mysterious girl called, The Military Uniform Princess also appears and is known to bring the creations into the real world. The show, at the time of writing this, is complete with 22 episodes. Technically, there are 21 episodes because episode 13 is more like a recap episode. I would say this show more of a reverse isekai since it’s fantasy characters coming into the real world instead of the main characters going into their worlds.

In addition to being one of the few anime series with unique story lines, the anime was executed perfectly. This is mostly due to the team behind the show. First, the show was directed and written by Ei Aoki and Rei Hiroe. For those not familiar with either, Ei Aoki is best known directing Fate/Zero and Rei Hiroe is known for creating Black Lagoon. The show was produced by Shizuka Kurosaki who also produced Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel. Lastly, the music. I typically don’t mention the original soundtrack unless it blows me away or is produced by a well known composer. In this case, it’s the composer which is Hiroyuki Sawano who has done some of the best scores for anime such as Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown.

Now you might think, “Wait, the story sounds good and it’s made by a really good team so why haven’t I heard of this show??” Well, there were a couple of factors that unfortunately led to this.

The first factor is that there is no source material for this show. It wasn’t based off of a manga, light novel or even a video game. It’s an original series written by Ei Aoki. Shows with source materials tend to have some kind of hype to it. If the source material was well liked by those who consumed it, the reputation would be passed down to those who haven’t and will be more willing to watch the series.

The second factor is that the series is that it was only streamed on Amazon Prime. I think that this was the biggest factor that led to Re:Creators to lose out on a larger audience. Overall, Amazon doesn’t have a good streaming service. It’s hard to find series and the home page is cluttered. Most people either don’t bother with watching shows on Amazon or don’t have prime to be able to watch shows on it. Because of the pre-existing negative opinions people have of Amazon, many people are more prone to skip the series.

The last factor is that the series was not licensed out. This means, at the time of writing this post three years after the show aired, there is no dub version nor can you purchase official subbed bluray/DVDs. The only DVDs that can be purchased is a Japanese version. By not licensing the show out, it didn’t get the popularity it deserves. I don’t know the reason as to why this happened but it really hindered the reach it could have made.

If you have Amazon Prime, I really recommend giving the show a try. It deserves more love that it currently has. The story is unique, it’s well written and well produced. Thank you all for reading, but that is it for me. I will see you all next time!

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